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※シャンパンの飲み頃温度※ スパークリングワインは10 – 12℃が理想とされています。10度で注いだら、もうワインクーラーで冷やさずに、温度上昇による、味の変化を楽しむのもポピュラーです。 また、夏は10℃、冬は12℃などで調整して美味しくお楽しみください。

Recommended Serving Temperature for Champagne The ideal temperature for sparkling wine is considered to be between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius. If poured at 10 degrees, it is popular to refrain from chilling it further in a wine cooler and instead enjoy the change in taste due to the gradual rise in temperature. Additionally, adjusting the serving temperature to around 10 degrees in summer and 12 degrees in winter is recommended for a delightful experience.